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      Apparel Music Radio Show
      Do you know that warm feeling when you stumble upon an incredible music that sounds so good you cannot understand how in the world you lived without it? That's Apparel Music Radio Show: a jazzy blend of pure deep and soulful house spiced up with a tiny bit of soul, perfect to color your sunny afternoon ;)
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      Atent Selecționate
      If you are curious why is everybody talking about Bucharest's infamous 24 hours afterparties or if you want to feel just a bit of Sunwaves Festival's knee-melting vibe or if you just want to listen to the much hyped romanian techno, then you came at the right time on the right stream! Atent SelecÈ›ionate (romanian for Carefully Chosen) will reveal some excellent mixes from some big romanian electronic names.
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      Cadenza Podcast
      Influential, powerful, open minded, self discovering, ever growing, nicely innovating, quickly transforming: words cannot define the concept behind Cadenza, a concept defined mainly by its sound. And this sound is created and shaped by huge names like Luciano, Ernesto Ferreyra, Cesar Merveille, Valentino Kanzyani, Mirko Loko and many more. Did we get your attention? Now put your ear on our stream and feast yourself with one of the coolest podcasts ever to be published in the interwebs: Cadenza Podcast!
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      Cloning Sound
      tech house from Bulgaria
      Cloning Sound Records has a very simple mission: it is fully dedicated to the embodying of ‘vintage sound’ in the contemporary tech/deep house & techno. Pacho & Pepo, Cloning Sound's parents, managed to stay true to this idea and gathered an impressive list of releases.

      The Cloning Sound Radio Show is the perfect showcase for its sound
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      Apparently there are around 200,000 podcasts running wild into the internet. Suppose 5% are dedicated to electronic music. Ok, so there are around 10000 electronic music podcasts around there… That's about 10,000 hours of new mixes every week. But every week has only 168 hours! So, to deal with this problem and to select the very best podcasts every week, we hired 1,000 professional listeners, we locked them up with just a pair of headphones and a constant source of caffeine and we hooked them to lots and lots of podcasts. Just for you to have the best possible selection: Coolcasts FTW!
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      Cyclic Podcast
      You've probably already danced to a few Cyclic Records hits! Now it's time to meet the Cyclic heroes and friends with some exclusive beats and pieces! Cyclic Agency is one of the finest booking agencies in Romania. And yes, they are connected to the uber cool Cyclic Records ;)
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      Deep & Groove with Sasa Mendone
      balearic deep
      Sasa's musical personality was beautifully crafted in the years spent in London, New York or Miami. After being exposed to different flavours of electronic music, ranging from US garage to Louie Vega's signature house music, Sasa Mendone decided to move to Ibiza to breed his own style. His energy and musical creativity was paid off with a residency at the awesome Blue Marlin Ibiza and with a lot of appearances on Ibiza Global Radio and Ibiza Sonica!

      So, sit back (if you can), relax and enjoy the essence of Sasa Mendon on Deep & Groove Radio Show!

      Sasa Mendone on facebook
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      Deep Square
      Deep Square was born in 2011 out of Kon Ding and Zahir's desire to freely express their love for house & techno in a Paris suffocated by the Guetta's mainstream electro or Daft Punk's agressive marketing campaigns. Baby stepping to the bumpy road of production, the founders decided it's time to move along so 2012 found them in Berlin, owning a brand new label, digital and vinyl. Yup, that's Deep Square Records!
      And the radio show is some of the best stuff Berlin's underground has to offer ;)

      Deep Square on facebook
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      Deeper Shades Of House
      deep house from the West Coast
      Lars Behrenroth has a hard to pronounce name yet compensates with this gorgeous radio show, already 11 years old and with a truly impressive list of guests, including Louie Vega, MKL, Abicah Soul Project, Jus Ed, Terrence Parker, Mr. V, jojoflores, Ben Watt or Jimpster.

      Deeper Shades Of House: dedicated to the real deep house!
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      awesome deep house
      Known to have a golden touch when it comes to dance floor destroyers, Stefano Noferini is a shining example that true talent rises to the top.
      A long time champion of house music in all its forms, Stefano has been building his legend for some time. Always innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres has been a key factor in his well-deserved rise. And Deeperfect, the label he owns, is a proof to his A&R abilities. Catch his radio show!

      Deeperfect on facebook

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      DeepMore Podcast
      Deep, atmospheric, elusive, delicate music with kind chords & sounds from sea shells - This is a nice & concise description for Deepmore, the Ukraine-based podcast. As if there was something to add, expect a perfect balance between deep house and dub techno from these guys!

      Deepmore on web
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      Dirtcast Radio Show
      dirty house music
      There's no secret in it: Dirt Crew Recordings, home for the almighty Detroit Swindle, nurtures some of the coolest artists when we talk about house music. So, what else to expect from its Dirtcast radio show than excellent music selected by newcomers as well as established artists!
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      Diynamic Radio Show
      When you say Diynamic Music you say Solomun. And when you say Solomun you say an excellent mix of house, techno, disco and funk. Or, as MixMag pointed in 2011: "house music, but with deep, ultra funky basslines, euphoric melodies and emotionally charged vocals". So yeah, we have all the reasons in the world to listen to the Diynamic Radio Show, showcasing artists signed on Diynamic
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      Electronic Groove Podcast
      What should you expect from an electronic music podcast put together by a group of electronic music enthusiasts from south Florida (that's pretty close to Cuba, Jamaica and The Bahamas): lovely sunny deep house, fine ass nu disco or pumping house mixes from top DJs around different corners of Planet Earth. Yeah, this radio show is full of surprises… no wonder it is a top podcast in quite a few countries
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      Every Little Thing
      Started out as a super limited (read that just between friends) clothing operation, Million Hands transformed itself into an uber cool brand, collaborating with Let's Play House, Visionquest or Soul Clap and seamlessly expanding into creating their own limited record label, radio show.
      So feed yourself every now and then with the energy balsting off Every Little Thing!
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      Fasten Musique Podcast
      ninja style techno
      Take the finest influences from the european electronic underground (London to Moscow), add the Far East vibe and personality nested for several generations in Tokyo and you'll discover the missing link between the decadent West and the spiritual East!
      Fasten Musique Concrete, best known for their infamous Tokyo and London rootftop parties, has now its own timeslot on The Party Tracker Radio!
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      Florian Gasperini Radio Show
      Every now and then we like to satisfy ourselves with a cool piece of healthy techno, like they used to make. But wait, can we do this not the german rough style but the more mediteranean flowers-drawing style so we can dance like a robot in love? Meet Florian Gasperini, the Barcelona adopted frenchman whose productions are bringing that je ne sais quois into Richie Hawtin's electrifying sets.
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      Get Physical Radio Show
      Get Physical has a 10 years + history, all of it related to releasing excellent electronic music: from the orchestral- electro songwriting of Raz Ohara to the tongue-in-cheek French electronic rhythm duo Nôze, from the outré house of Fuckpony to the straight-ahead techno mixing of DJ legend Thomas Schumacher. As you can imagine, the radio show is not about training your muscles, it's about training your fine ears with some really cool mixes (M.A.N.D.Y., Kindisch, Anja Schneider, George Morel, etc.)
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      Ibiza Voice Podcast
      Nostalgic after the loooong Ibiza parties started on Friday night and ended on Tuesday afternoon? Curious about what will be cool this summer on the small & sleepless island? Ibiza Voice Podcast comes to the rescue with a carefully selected series of mixes: already established artists as well as surprisingly good newcomers Take Ibiza's dancefloor pulse on
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      Melbourne Deepcast
      Melbourne Deepcast started as podcast based in, uhmmm, Melbourne :) This podcast series is about celebrating quality house music! Sometimes it goes as far as a link between electronic music, hip hop, soul, funk and sometimes a bit of synth pop. That's why it seemed natural for a new label to be born: Melbourn Deepcast Records! Catch up these timeless mixes and be ready for some really eclectic sounds with the likes of Genius Of Time, Norm Talley, Moomin a.s.o.
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      Melika presents: Ibiza's Early Mornings
      True to her french sofisticated roots yet deeply in love with the balearic laid back athmosphere, Ibiza's Melika has the toughest job in the world of DJing: keep the crowd dancing at the afterparties!

      Not only she dances their brains off with an excellent house & techno selection but she's doing it with a discreet smile on her angelic face, one more reason to catch her weekly radio show on The Party Tracker Radio
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      Simple Things Podcast
      Happy are those who can enjoy the simple things in life. Happier are those hooked up already with the Simple Things Podcast, a world of deep, delicious, heartfelt and hypnotic rhythms, melodic sound of intense fluxes of surprise, sadness and tenderness. Forget the past, ignore the future: just enjoy the present while listening to Moscow's deepest radio show :)

      Simple Things Records
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      Slam Radio
      cutting edge electronic music
      Even if you don't know it, you've probably danced already to death to some tunes released by the fine Soma Records, co-owned by the Slam DJs. Do you need a better reason to listen to the Slam Radio Show? Yeah, we thought so, also
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      Sloth Boogie Radio Show
      Sloth Boogie is one of the coolest online collectives we've encountered so far. Writing passionately about house, techno and all between, the Sloth Boogie team finds time to curate a smooth & silky podcast. If deep house with a sweet touch of disco and funk is your everyday drug, you might just find your uncut dose!

      The Sloth Boogie website
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      Soundwall Podcast
      If electronic music was an institution in Italy then should have been its leading voice. Covering all aspects of musica electronica, has actually one of the best podcasts running wild into the interwebs. From superstar DJs like Sven Vath to  the best the underground has to offer like Premiesku, Soundwall Podcast will satisfy your electronic needs ;)
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      Tzinah Family Podcast
      Tzinah Records is the only 100% romanian label that got listed on Resident Advisor's most charted labels in 2013! Not enough to get your attention? Then you should check the almighty Tzinah Family Podcast: lots of producers, close to the Tzinah Family, showcasing their DJ skills and playing the most underground and eclectic selection out there, somewhere on the border between house and techno!
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      Verboten Transmissions
      Lots and lots of promoters cramming in The Big Apple! Yet, one of them is standing out as leading the way when we talk about underground electronic music scene. Verboten New York was voted 'Best Party' in Time Out New York magazine in 2012. That's one more reason to listen to a fine selection of mixes, just to feel up New York's underground pulse! Expect to listen to Luciano, Carl Craig, Jamie Jones and many more interesting names  
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      Vibecast Sessions
      Some of the best up and coming DJs from the romanian underground and beyond! Also some names you've already expressed your gratitude for their music! Vibecast Sessions has already 3 years of digging deep into the underground. So, if you like the romanian flavoured house & techno and if Cezar means more than a roman emperor to you, then catch up some fine electronic music with Vibecast Sessions
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      Voiceless Podcast
      Bridging out Nantes with Berlin, Voiceless Collective is just about to morph itself into a cool record label focusing on releasing modern underground house music. Voiceless Podcast comes to support the mission with an jaw dropping mixes selection ranging from Archipel's Pheek to Concrete Paris' Molly!

      Voiceless Records
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      With Love From Trick Track Records
      The cool thing about the Trick Track sound is that the more you are listening to their releases the warmer they sound. You can imagine how does With Love From Trick Track Records radio show sound like: immersive sexiness pendulating between nu disco, deep house and tech house!

      Trick Track Records